Breadcrumbs and Clouds

BreadcrumbsSomething got me thinking recently about online presence these days. It seems that most feel the urge to be part of the social networks craze. I must admit I’ve been as guilty, but to me it’s been mainly to stay updated about new internet development and changes. Social networks unfortunately have become a major part of it.

Online presence has pros and cons but lately I’ve run into more cons than pros. Watching ‘The Net (1995)’ the other day, made me realise that -although at the time this movie was quite progressive- it still holds some actual truth in it. I loved it back then and still do, not just because they show some decent ‘ol Macs in each ‘computer shot’ ;) Mind the cool 3 1/2-inch floppy discs!!! Aaaah the sound when ejected… :P *got a tad sidetracked there*

I guess the fact that more and more info seems to be gathered online is what is causing my concern. So I’ve decided a while ago to adjust the digital breadcrumb trail that I’d left on the net and delete all accounts except for three of them. The pros of these three are the fact that I do get the benefits of networking: mainly work related though. But to me, that’s all there is to it. I don’t share personal info since it’s personal for a reason and I’d like to keep it that way. I realise it will be impossible to move away from it completely but at least I still have some control over what is out there and who has access to it.

The CloudWhich brings me to the main reason that got me thinking. It was a discussion I had with someone close {family} about the development of networks in general, security issues and the fact that more and more companies are changing to cloud computing. To me that is something I would not take into consideration call me paranoid if you like. I’d rather have ten noisy peripherals somewhere stashed away than having to trust someone else with all of my data, whatever data that is.

If I see that my ISP already refuses to do something about the issues I mentioned in a previous post than how am I supposed to trust some virtual server somewhere out there to be safe from attacks? Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for changes and improvement but I do feel some should become more aware of the kind of risks that are involved before making certain decisions. What happened to Sony is a good example and trust me, it ain’t gonna stop there, that’s probably just the start of it.

Mark my words ‘the Cloud’ is going to be the next hype… ;)