businesscardMy client wanted to have business cards printed and asked for something exclusive. I previously designed their online store so I wanted to use that same design for the business cards but slightly adjusted. I’ve used spot UV in the past but it never came out very well due to mistakes of printers. On one occasion I couldn’t be there to guide the printer in person because it was printed in the Netherlands and they used the wrong kind of varnish which shows that communication with a printer is essential!

My final design for the business cards was perfect for spot UV and it would add that bit of class to it. I contacted several printers in my area through the internet and I noticed that most of them have an option on their website where you can request a sample package which I think is brilliant. It’s a perfect way to judge their printing plus it shows you all the available option and special print process. One printer sent it to me within two days and his samples were extremely good but not what I was looking for unfortunately.

Another was slow in responding, I had to send them the same request three times but I was impressed with their samples. They had the cheapest price for spot UV but since our first attempt of communication didn’t go very well I was reluctant to have it printed with them. My client was on a tight budget and the quality of the spot UV samples were good so I decided to take the risk. What followed was exactly what I’d expected: an extremely slow process and lot of unnecessary technical mistakes from the printer…

Since I was prepared for this I had given the printer an early deadline and I managed to get it all done on time. Cheap most of the time equals problems but in this case I had no choice, I wanted to deliver a good product, after all it’s also my ticket to more work out there, but yes I took a risk not knowing the printer and having to deal with a tiny budget. I think it was worth it, the quality of the business cards is good and I might just use this printer again if I’m not on a tight deadline.