Google Checkout

googlecheckoutI’m trying to integrate Google Checkout with a CMS and an eCommerce plugin which is not as easy as it may seem. There’s not much information available online and what is on the website is not really clear. Also support from Google seems to take a while but after reading a few posts on the Google Checkout Developers Forum I pretty much figured out why I was getting certain errors.

If you’d like to test Google Checkout you will have to sign up for a Sandbox account. Perhaps I missed something but the only place where this is mentioned is on the Developers Forum. My client gave me his merchant ID and Key but after doing some research I found out that these can’t be used for testing using the Sandbox settings. This is what you’ll need the Sandbox account for.

Once you’ve signed up for an account you’ll get a merchant ID and Key which you can use for your payment gateway settings. While testing I still got errors and I had no idea what was causing these. An extremely handy tool that comes with the Sandbox account is the Integration Console that shows you a description of the errors. In my case I got an XML parser error which had to do with a shipping setting.

Since my client provides courses which won’t need shipping I didn’t fill in the shipping options for Google Checkout. After checking the settings and adjusting them it all worked like a charm. I must say I’m pretty impressed so far but it’s still work in progress. I hope the Google Checkout ‘production’ server option will work as smooth as the Sandbox test server did…