Laptop Sleeve Artwork

Sleeve ArtworkI’ve been offline for a while and while I was going through all the emails I had received I found one from Doria from ‘heART on sleeves’ inviting me to contribute and submit one of my designs to support youth and local art in Malaysia. I’m too busy at the moment to commit to anything new so I’m afraid I’d have to pass up the opportunity this time. The project is a great inniative to raise money to support local artist so I’ve decided to post it here. Perhaps you’re lucky and have time to help this charity, if so please consider your contribution.

I’m Doria from “heART on sleeves” project. To cut it short, it’s a charity project. We’re producing one-of-a-kind laptop sleeves for sale, proceeds of the project will go to youths participating in an international conference in Malaysia end of August this year. We’re in need of cool designs at the moment to put on laptop sleeves. Your caricatures are cool! Maybe you can submit one or two of the designs for the project. Really hope to see your designs on the laptop sleeves
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The deadline for final submissions is in two days: on June 30 so I’d say go for it, if you have a few hours to spare and can come up with a design for laptop sleeves. Or perhaps you still have some artwork lying around that hasn’t had the credits you were looking for than submit it to support this charity and get spotted out there. It’s a great way to help fellow designers and artists and to get some free advertising yourself. In case you wonder: I’m not paid to put this post here, it’s a voluntary decission and contribution based on spreading the love design-wise ;)