Movable Type 5.0 Release

MT 5.0I’ve been using Movable Type for about five to six years now and a lot has changed since I first installed the software on my domain server. It has become a powerful system that can be tweaked and adjusted. Some (new) features are: multiple weblogs, standalone content pages, asset and file manager, user and user role management, customizable templates and multiple categories for articles and trackback.

Since a few weeks Movable Type 5.0 has been released which seem to have a totally different user interface. I’m eager to try a test installation to experience the change but I’m not sure if I’ll upgrade this website to 5.0. I made so many changes to templates that I’ll probably have to rebuild it all again. Movable Type used to be extremely straightforward back in the days when it had a huge crowd of followers.

These days I feel there is almost no community spirit anymore, an example of that is the fact that most plugins that worked with previous versions, are not updated and have stopped working ever since Movable Type 4.0 had been released. Before that particular upgrade many developers would still update or develop new plugins and there was a large community of people who would help each other out plus extensive sources of information to be found online.

If you don’t mind digging all four corners of the internet for information and answers to your questions in case you want to do more complex things like I did with this system than I would recommend the software. If you have no knowledge of CMS’s at all or would like an easy out-of-the-box solution than you could stick to the basic installation of Movable Type and use it as is. The latest release only supports MySQL databases btw, something to keep in mind perhaps.

I still love to work with Movable Type so I’ll probably run a test installation soon to see what it’s all about but in the meantime; if you’d like to read a great article about the latest changes and features of Movable Type 5.0 then go here.