Recycled Words

Will AshfordI really love this idea, an amazing way to recycle and upgrade. ‘I rescue, salvage, and recycle other people’s words.’ Will Ashford browses through garage sales, street markets and used bookstores where he searches for interesting, preferably discarded, old books… Using colored vellums, graphite and/or India ink to highlight or obscure words and turn the pages of these old books into new works of art.

In his own words: ‘What drives me to create such works?’ Perhaps the answer is far simpler than one might think. Like the earliest petroglyphs were the inevitable conclusion of man discovering simple pigments and having access to cave walls, this almost seems to be the inevitable conclusion when a self-aware, literate artist has access to bookstore shelves.

It’s a bit more sophisticated than a hand print and some crude depictions of game hunting but perhaps it’s the same in spirit: a depiction of the cerebral survival of man in a world of thoughts running wilder and faster than ever before across the great planes of the internet; which exists outside of the shelter these pages can provide when needed. In this correlation, the spirit of man is revealed once again to be as timeless as ever.