Website Presentation

LibraryI read an article today about how to present your web design to possible clients. Although rare, some use a storyboard, more often a designer would send a flat image like a jpeg but what seems to be common practise is a browser presentation in HTML. I normally use the last method as well. Some mentioned the use of some kind of protection like a watermark or password protected directories so your ideas won’t get nicked but I never had to protect any of my designs.

The type of clients I enjoy working with are savvy and open-minded enough to understand my concepts and the message that I’d like to get across. I’m always ready to help out those who appreciate my time and work. But if some potential client doesn’t want my business after seeing my browser presentation than the deal is off. In a recent case I received such an unprofessional communication after presenting my design, that I decided not to waste more time and energy.

I was asked by a friend of mine, to redesign the website of this local library and present it. I set up a password protected dummy website, so they could see what it could look like and put a cropped screendump of this (partly showing the logo but not recognizable) on my website as part of ‘ongoing projects’. My friend -who has a position higher up in the hierarchy- forwarded the link with an explanation towards the communications manager of this library.

She had look at my presentation thrice (about 30 minutes, according to the statistics of each visited page) but clearly had no communicational skills. She’d sent me an email with a tone which indicated that she probably was extremely annoyed and stated that I should remove the small image immediately (…). I didn’t expect such an outburst over nothing really. But I guess the main reason why she was being hostile towards me was because she felt ‘threatened’ in a way.

I found her website -including a portfolio- where she claims to be a (web) designer, the folio was a poor presentation itself of even worse design. The kind that only a persons with no background in design would come up with, she has none, LinkedIn told me ;) A good example of a laywomen and obviously the reason why she was upset about my presentation. A shame really, since the library still has a very non user friendly and bad designed website even after a recent update.

I changed the password that same day, it clearly wasn’t worth the hassle nor my precious time.