White Boxes

White BoxesThere’s some odd behaviour going on in InDesign with Eps file import so it seems: white boxes will show up in your Indesign document the moment you import an Eps that has been saved with a Macintosh preview format. For some weird unknown reason, this seems to particularly affect Illustrator files that contain for instance a logo or illustration in white.

I’ve tested the same logo in a magenta, saved it with the same specifications and it worked all of a sudden but only if you set the display performance to ‘high quality display’. I’ve read about several different problems related to this and what it comes down to is an erratically behaving InDesign, no one has an explanation really. So there are different solutions as well.

For some it works to change the Eps file to an AI file, others claim to save the Eps file with a Tiff preview format instead of the default Macintosh setting. Another person says Eps format will totally disappear one day and will be replaced by either Psd or Tiff or AI files. Either way there’s some interesting development going on and I’m curious to find out more. Especially about the claim that the Eps format is about to disappear.