The blog ‘Design Wise’ is written by Bee (F) as a way to share my different interests. Design Wise came to live whilst living in London. I write about *ehm…* design 😉 , art, gadgets and anything else that catches my eye or tickles my fancy. I collect gadgets of any kind and much of my geek stuff is found on top, under, behind, in front or next to my desk. I’m a total Mac addict and eat, drink and sleep CPU… 😉

In my spare time I like to paint with acrylics mostly on a square canvas *don’t ask why 🙄 * My paintings are mainly East Asian themed using Japanese and Chinese designs and patterns. I also design and produce jewellery using mixed media like: my (graphic) artwork and photography, silver, cultured pearls, leather, inks, paints, prints, paper and different printing techniques.

I have used my skills for a multitude of different media which are listed below. In the past I’ve worked for advertising agencies, corporate design agencies and web design companies. I’ve designed: brochures, annual reports, packaging mainly for the food and drink industry, ads, posters, flyers, business stationery, websites in either Flash, PHP or HTML, templates, CMS templates, HTML emails, Flash banners etc.

I’ve been a production artist, desktop publisher, graphic designer, web designer, studio manager, print production manager and web art director. I’m currently working as a interaction and/or UX designer for a global company, working on different projects for different clients. My last assignment was for the government as a UX designer.